Success Stories

Kelley J.

I Feel Younger
– Kelley J.5 star

QuoteiconOn my last physical, the doctor told me I was estrogen deficient. Since going through menopause, I was getting old before my time. Progesteril has helped get back some of the young me without any of the side effects of hormone replacement. I don’t use that much of it each day and I have eliminated most of the terrible symptoms that comes with menopause. Easy to use and no harsh odor.**Quoteicon1

Amber T.

Natural Emotional Balance
– Amber T.5 star

QuoteiconProgesteril has been the best natural way of giving me back my emotional balance since having a complete hysterectomy last year. I wanted an all natural approach to fighting the symptoms of menopause. This cream has helped me tremendously. I am not as irritable and the mood swings are almost non-existent now. I highly recommend Progesteril.**Quoteicon1

Brenda D.

Better Sleep And Quality of Life
– Brenda D. 4 star

QuoteiconI had such terrible night sweats that I wasn’t getting any sleep. Progesteril helped eliminate the night sweats and helped me get a good night’s sleep. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I am so happy with this product. I know I will make it through menopause without all of the horrible symptoms!**Quoteicon1

Jessica R.

A Better Way To Go Through Menopause
– Jessica R.5 star

QuoteiconProgesteril is a great alternative to prescription meds to treat menopausal symptoms. I started on Menoquil several years ago when I started having night sweats. I haven’t had a night sweat in so long. I added Progesteril to help me with the mood swings I was starting to have. It has made the world of difference. Would recommend both products to any one going through menopause.**Quoteicon1

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