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  1. During my last physical, I found out I was deficient in estrogen. After I went through menopause, I felt as though I was aging before my time. Since I began using Progesteril, I feel as though I’ve gotten back a bit of the “younger me” without needing to put up with nasty side effects. I only use a little each day, but it has greatly reduced most of my terrible menopause symptoms. It is easy to use, and there is no unpleasant odor.
  2. I had a complete hysterectomy this past year, and Progesteril has helped me restore my emotional balance. I was searching for an all-natural way to address my menopause symptoms, and this cream has been a tremendous help. I am less irritable, and I hardly ever experience mood swings anymore. I would highly recommend Progesteril to other women struggling with menopause symptoms.
  3. I had been having awful night sweats and insomnia before I decided to try Progesteril. The product has helped me get a better night’s sleep, and my night sweats are now much less severe. I can honestly say it has greatly improved my overall quality of life. I’m very happy with my results. I feel confident I can make it through menopause now that I am no longer having horrible symptoms!
  4. In my opinion Progesteril is a fantastic way to address menopause symptoms. I began taking Menoquil a few years back when I was experiencing night sweats. It’s been a while since I had a night sweat, but I started having mood swings. That is why I decided to begin using Progesteril too, and it has made a huge difference. I would tell anyone going through menopause and looking for relief to try both of these products

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