The Science – How Progesteril Works

PMS symptoms including moodiness and fatigue are a good example of how hormone imbalances can negatively affect a woman’s life. Disruptions in the ratio of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are also the root cause of a number of troubling menopause symptoms. If loss of libido, menopause-related weight gain, and difficulty sleeping are currently bringing you down and you aren’t willing to simply put up with these issues, you need Progesteril!

Progesteril is a hormone balancing formulation that absorbs quickly into skin. It is just as easy to apply as a regular moisturizer and delivers fantastic benefits! Relying on scientific research and information collected during rigorous studies, we have developed a non-greasy, odor-free cream that has the power to dramatically reduce the severity of many menopause symptoms to provide total relief!

Progesteril Has The Power To Boost The Body’s Supply Of Progesterone And Fight Estrogen Dominance!

Hormonal Balance
Estrogen dominance is often cited as one of the main reasons for menopause symptoms. To fully understand the concept of estrogen dominance, it is necessary to know some facts about the hormone levels inside the female body and how they change shortly before and during menopause. For the majority of a woman’s adult years, before she enters pre-menopause, the amounts of estrogen and progesterone in the body are about the same. However, there is slightly less progesterone than estrogen. As a woman approaches menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels decline. However, the decline in progesterone happens more rapidly, and it is more dramatic. Because of this, there is significantly more estrogen than progesterone. This is what is referred to as estrogen dominance. The most effective and most logical way to correct this imbalance would be to boost the amount of progesterone in the body.

Progesteril contains wild yam root extract. This remarkable ingredient is a plant-based, or phyto, progesterone. Biologically, it is similar to the progesterone naturally found in a woman’s body. Through boosting levels of progesterone, the wild yam root extract in Progesteril plays a key role in correcting the estrogen dominance that leads to numerous menopause symptoms. During one study, researchers concluded that applying topical progesterone cream was associated with a significant improvement in hot flashes and night sweats caused by menopause.

The Amazing Adaptogen in Progesteril Can Regulate The Body’s Estrogen Supply!

To successfully combat estrogen dominance, merely boosting progesterone levels is not sufficient. Both hormones have to be present in their optimal ratios for the correct hormonal balance to be achieved. Having too much estrogen can cause problems, but so can having too little.

Each tube of Progesteril has a clinically optimized concentration of soybean sterols. This remarkable phytoestrogen is classified as an adaptogen because it can both boost estrogen levels when they are too low and decrease them if they become too high. The ability of soy to naturally relieve menopause symptoms is well documented. During one study, subjects who took a standardized soy extract had fewer hot flashes, and the ones they did have were less severe.

The revolutionary Progesteril formulation has been extensively researched and scientifically developed to regulate progesterone and estrogen levels. This dual-action approach is the reason why Progesteril can deliver such amazing results. By gently and naturally restoring balance inside your body, the plant-based extracts in our innovative cream can alleviate hot flashes and other unpleasant menopause symptoms that are interfering with your life!